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Buy Navarathri Golu Dolls Online - Rainbow Art Gallery

Lovely Festival of Dolls - Golu

Bommai Kolu in Tamil means Divine Presence. Bommala Koluvu in Telugu means Court of Toys and Bombe Habba means Doll Festival. is part of Dasara festival where young girls and women display dolls, figurine, court life, everyday scenes along with the divine presence of the Goddesses Saraswati, Parvati and Laxmi in the Tamil, Kannada and Andhra Telugu households during Navaratri or The Nine nights.

Rainbow Art Gallery (www.navarathrigoludolls.com) offers Huge varieties of golu dolls including Epic Story dolls, God and goddess statues, Historical myths, Scenes from life of krishna, story telling dolls made in Clay, Terracotta, Paper Mache, Wood and Marble Dust also. We Also Offers Kondapalli Wooden dolls and Krishna Nagar Dolls in Very Lowest price in the Market.

A New set of golu dolls is introduced every year as people like to setup theme based golu dolls in thier house holds

We Manufacture the golu dolls from generations to generations and supplies Many shops in chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and throughout India. We also import all kind of golu dolls safely to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore Malaysia and South Africa.

Five years before. We enter into Online Shopping (www.navarathrigoludolls.com) to provide the golu dolls in low price and Deliver the dolls Safely to your doorsteps

We are doing Specialized Packing techniques to done the packaging the golu dolls by Professionals to avoid transit damages. We assure 99% the golu dolls will not have damaged during transit, in rare cases one or two dolls will be damaged we will give replacements to ensure Customers satisfaction. 

www.navarathrigoludolls.com offers BommaiGolu / BommalaKoluvu / Navaratri dolls / Bombe Habba / Dasara Dolls in low price